Torbay Suites is owned by Nellie and Mike Spina

Here at Torbay Suites, we embrace the elements in North Bay, the gateway to Canada's best kept secret destination with the four season splendors showcased to perfection. Wanderlust is what we sell here!!!

Our Oldest Cat, Baby
Our Youngest cat, Lightning
Our cat, Thunder
"It's actually our house, these hoomans just live here" - Management
Original Torbay Building

Torbay Suites was originally opened in 1936 by Alberta "Birdie" Farrow as Torbay Lodge. The original property consisted of 24 cottages on 2.5 acres of land. 

The main building was destroyed by fire in 1946, but was rebuilt. In the 1940s, there was also a Torbay Chicken Bar restaurant located in downtown North Bay, near the intersection of McIntyre St. W and Algonquin Ave. 


Birdie Farrow owned the property until 1957.

Over the years, the property was divided up and sold to different owners. 

Fun Facts: 


The Torbay property had the first drive-thru window for a snack bar!

The first Tim Horton's was around the corner from where Torbay Suites is currently, but it was a burger joint, not the coffee shop we know and love today!


Torbay beachfront view, circa 1960